Locations and Parks History

Kirkstall Abbey 2010

Kirkstall Bootcamp is set on the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in North West Leeds. This park is our very first park launching back in 2010. Kirkstall Abbey is a historical and beautiful location less then 10 minutes from Headingley, Horsforth, and  Bramley. At bootcamp you will see hills, amazing landscape, the River Aire and the Abbey itself: a ruined Cistercian Monastery dating back to 1152 ad. All of the members here are amazing supportive and welcoming but to showcase a few we have members who have been with us from the very beginning and still going strong to this date. Pelle, Sarah and Julie 12 year plus members. 

Temple Newsam 2011

Temple Newsam is our second site to launch back in 2011. Based in East Leeds Temple Newsam Bootcamp has access to one of the best locations for outdoor fitness in the North of England. You will find the historical house, colosseum, lakes, hills, forest and speculator landscape all around. When you attend classes not only will you have a good workout but also have the change to do an adventure around here. We have a long standing loyal and amazing group of member here who are very welcoming, train hard and have a lot of fun whilst at it. You will meet some super characters which always helps when working out in a group environment. 

Baildon 2012

Baildon launched in 2012. Initially the first class started due to a WI (Women's Institute) Group wanting an outdoor group fitness class. The funny story on this is that I had never heard of the WI before and genuinely thought it was a group of "Gamers - Nintinto Wii" wanting to come along to get fitter and healthier. How I was wrong. But we have the WI to thank for this amazing location starting. After the one class we started Baildon Bootcamp. The classes are heald at Baildon rugby club with Baildon moor in the background. This is a simply a stunning location with 360 views, amazing members and brilliant community. 

Kippax 2012

Kippax Bootcamp Launched in 2012 having launching Temple Newsam and becoming one of our most popular sites starting a class in Kippax (Allerton Bywater) only made sense. This allowed us to have classes 6 days a week in East Leeds in different areas. We looked at different locations and found Brigshaw High School an excellent fit. The school grounds are brilliant, with excellent amenities and safe parking. Combining the area allows many members to attend both locations. The community and members ethos here is a brilliant with life long friendships made and the fun had at bootcamp which shows you its not just about the exercise but being social and being part of a welcoming group 

Drighlington 2013

Drighlington Launch in 2013 

Farsley 2013

Farsley Bootcamp launched in 2013 

York 2014 

York Bootcamp Launched in 

More of the story 

The company has evolved and changed over the years. Initially in the earlier days we grew rapidly with many locations. Logistically we soon realised that being bigger wasn't always better. To give the best service and keep the person feel we decided that less locations and offering a better experience was more important. Unfortunately a few of our locations never recovered and closed due to covid and pandemic. Over the last 12 years here are some the the parks that we used to have but unfortunately no longer running: Hillsborough Sheffield North, Millhouses Park Sheffield South, Castleford,  Roundhay, Guiseley, Meanwood Park, Bristol, Headingley, and Harrogate 

Please note this is an on-going blog, not proof check or finished 8th Nov 2022  

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