12 Days Christmas winter exercise challange

12 Days Christmas Challenge

Here is our 12 days Christmas winter exercise challenge.

You have 12 different exercises to work out to in the form of time of reps! You can work your way through the challenge daily and then back up so  this will last 24 days. This can go in-line with your daily advent calender.

After each day of the exercise challenge you repeat the previous days challenge for one minute. Keep a log each day that you take part or print of tick off.

12 Days of Christmas tone up challenge:

  • 12 – 12 x Mini Shuttle runs (1 = there and Back) (15-25 Metres)
  • 11 – 110 Seconds Plank (Knee if needed or mini breaks for beginners in the 110 session)
  • When finished Shuttles for one minute
  • 10 – 100 squats
  • When finished Plank for one minute
  • 9 – 90 Mountain climbers (Or steps Out)
  • When finished Squats for one minute
  • 8 – High knee sprinting on the spot (Add punches in)
  • When finished Mountain climbers for one minutes
  • 7 – 70 Lunges
  • When finished High Knees for one minute
  • 6 – 60 Star jumps (Squat Start Jumps)
  • When finished Lunges for one minute
  • 5 – 50 seconds Press up position Plank
  • When finished Star Jumps for one minute
  • 4 – 40 reverse crunches
  • When finished Press Up Plank for one minute
  • 3 – 30 Sit up
  • When finished reverse crunch for one minute
  • 2 – 20 Burpees
  • When finished Sit Ups for one minute
  • 1 – 10 Press up
  • When finished Burpees for one minute

Finish in 12 days and go back up to make 24 days just in time for CHRISTMAS

If you wish to sign up for this challenge please like and share our challenge and comment below you have signed up for the challenge! Let us know how you are getting on  12/24 days and if you complete everyday.

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Some Videos and List of the exercises

  1. Plank (On elbows bum down with raised tighten abs)
  2. Press up (Arms over chest rather than shoulders)
  3. Squats  (Aim over 90 degrees on Squats)
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. High Knees Please do on spot though – High intense
  6. Lunges
  7. Star Jumps (See Diagram Below)
  8. Press Up Plank
  9. Reverse Crunch
  10. Sit Ups
  11. Burpees
  12. Press Ups
Star Jumps from the 12 days christmas work out challenge

Star Jumps 12 days Christmas Challange




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