Antony Samson (2 Year)

York and Leeds Instructor


Antony is a very enthustic and hard working trainer. He is currently training towards his level 4 strength and conditioning coach. His passion now is for boxing and running though he has been involved in many other adventure sports over the years including Kayaking, Sport climbing, mountaineering, Paragliding and Skiing. 12 years in the Military where fitness becomes part of your DNA!


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Box-fit Coach


He loves health and fitness and the benefits it brings to people’s lives both physically and mentally. Antony truly love helping people become fitter, stronger, leaner, faster but most of all happier!


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- Dave Sills

I joined as part of a 6 week campaign not only to get fitter but change my perception on food and exercise.  I attended both outdoor and online sessions during the 6 weeks and have noticed vast improvement.  I look forward to the classes, not only for a good workout but for the social aspect as the trainers and rest of the participants are all really friendly and welcoming.  Although no exact weight measurements, my 5km running time has improved by over 4 minutes, and I’ve lost 2 inches from my stomach.

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- Lynne Tyson

I've been a member of UK outdoor fitness for around 10 years and love it. It is a great community, helps me push myself harder and the laughs we have keeps me young! It is great for all ages and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes being outdoors