Better night’s sleep for health

Would you like a better night’s sleep for health?

“So how can UK Outdoor Fitness assist you for a better night’s sleep for health and well being?”

How to choose the right mattress for a better nights sleep? Speak to Carl (He is one of our members)

How to choose the right mattress for a better nights ? Speak to Carl (He is one of our members)







So why is a good nights sleep good for your health and how will it improve your fitness.

UK Outdoor Fitness is working together to provide you with the best advice in helping sleep better with right comfort.

Carl Walsh from theBed Guru is a UK Outdoor Fitness member is here to help.

We all train hard at Bootcamp but can let ourselves down at night. It is proven that, if you get a better nights sleep this can improve health and also give you more energy to train harder, feel better and recover. It is recommended  by the sleep foundation that you have between 6 to 8 hour sleep for the optimum recovery. Having the right mattress tailored to your body shape and posture can massively enhance this.

We are offering Carl’s service to  help you choose the right bed and mattress for you.

The Bed Guru as a UK Outdoor Fitness benefit is also offering 10% off any purchase (Please email to get a voucher code quoting the Bed Guru

Please see Carl’s Top Tips or for more info advice and details on the right bed or mattress please email or call 01132 433616



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