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Membership Options and Prices (We currently have a price freeze until Winter 2020 when our pricing structures for new members will be reviewed) 

Please read all T & Cs 

Monthly memberships can work out as little as £2.33 / £3.50 a session based on 2 – 3 sessions a week. Even less if you come more.

  • Added extras you do not get in gym – Professional support and help with a family feeling atmosphere.
  • Monthly workouts – Monthly Challenge Group
  • Discount Obstacle runs
  • Group and Community support
  • Socials Nights, meals and extra activities
  • Personal support from our trainers where possible
  • Remember you are not just a number – We want to see you training 

Monthly Membership Prices (Various Contract Lengths)

  • £28 p/m 12 month min membership (unlimited sessions) T Shirt Included. (Best Value) 
  • £30 p/m 6 Month min membership (unlimited sessions)  Water bottle Included.
  • £32 p/m 3 Month min membership (unlimited sessions).
  • £24 p/m 1 x session a week any park (minimum 3 month contract).
  • £28 p/m 2 x sessions a week any park (minimum 3 month contract).
  • £26 p/m Key Services 3 month min membership (NHS/ FIRE/ POLICE) (unlimited sessions).
  • £55 p/m Couples, Partner, Buddy up membership 6 month min membership (Unlimited Membership for 2)

Special Offer: 

6 and 12 month Member “Starter Value Pack £60” which include first months members, Jumper, T Shirt, Water Bottle, Travel Mug and Pen (The Pack on its own is normally £45 before membership) Please not the start pack may vary slightly depending on stock levels at the time

N.B All Monthly membership have a £20 Registration fee – If signing up directly after trial period this fee will be waived – Must be signed up within 3 days of finishing trial) (If you, as a pay as you train member join this registration fee will also be waived).

Month By Month Membership Prices (No Minimum Contract)

  • £40 p/m monthly membership (unlimited session).
  • £24 p/m student discount (full time courses only and Proof may be needed), unlimited sessions (group discounts available).

Membership can be cancelled after a contract ends by notifying debit finance with 30 days notice.

Pay As You Go Options:

  • Pay as you train £7 per session
  • 10 Session Block £60 (Cash/ Credit Card/ Cheque) This has a 4 month Validity from the first session
  • Yearly Annual Membership £280 one off payment – (Cash/ Credit Card/ Cheque)


  • The following prices are for new starting members only. Non-contractual members the new pricing structure will apply (Including Pay as you train and Block session)
  • Existing members will have a price freeze and will continue with the price they are paying
  • Members who have cancelled or are cancelling and wish to re-join will be under the new pricing structure.
  • Contracts require 30 Days cancellation notice period after minimum contract is fulfilled.
  • Contracts after the minimum period are rolling contracts until notice is given to Debit Finance
  • (Please note complimentary T Shirts or Water Bottle on the 12 month / 6 Month contract may not be provided immediately depending on time of year however we will ensure that members have been provided with this for the colder months. We do however try our upmost to get to you as soon as possible)

Please read our terms and conditions before signing up online.