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Stuart was already into fitness before joining the Harrogate bootcamp sessions, however he struggled to find somewhere where he could go to maintain the fitness level he already had. He was also trying to find a slightly more relaxed place to exercise so that he was able to switch off from his busy working life and focus on exercise and says that he can do this with UK Outdoor Fitness.

Another aspect of these boot camp sessions that Stuart enjoys and makes him continue to attend these sessions is the social side and the regular meet ups of the people that he is met. This is a massive part of the reasoning for the regular attendance of these sessions by Stuart as he looks forward to seeing/catching up with the people who regularly attend the sessions. It’s also about being able to talk to them throughout as he feels like it helps with his motivation to continue to come, as well as feeling like the work he is completing during the session becomes easier as his mind is being taking off it due to talking to other members of the group, making it easier for them and himself.

Another reason that drives Stuart to continue is the instructors. Stuart finds them very professional in all their sessions, as well as providing a variety of exercises so that the sessions aren’t boring. The fact that there are warm ups and cool downs (which are not necessarily something that Stuart would have completed in a gym) helps reduce any injury or aching which may be something that would put people off coming again. He likes to be pushed to do better and feels motivated to push himself further, without the feeling of you being pushed too far and being over aggressive and put off exercising.


Before I tried Harrogate bootcamp, I thought that ‘Boot Camp’ sounds like the kind of unenjoyable exercise that I avoid. Intense, sweaty, vigorous exercise. Someone shouting in your face to drop and give them 20 press ups. Being pushed to your limits until you’re crying. No thanks

However, the first time I turned up to Harrogate bootcamp, it was pouring with rain, adding to that Boot Camp feeling. Rupert, the instructor, was completely unaffected by this and carried on enthusiastically directing us in circuit training. The exercise set ups were all quite ingeniously thought up. Bike racks were used for press ups and dips. Resistance bands were strapped to whatever else was handy. There were car tyres to lift. We ran laps of the area in between squats, lunges, star jumps and high knees. Everyone was friendly and encouraging. Rupert was helpful, suggesting alternatives to anything I couldn’t manage. No one shouted in my face, maybe this was going to be ok after all. I shambled away from the first session pleased to have got through it and feeling like we’d been thoroughly worked out. Later the same day and all-day Sunday I ached so bad. But it was the kind of aching that makes you feel smug because your muscles are getting stronger.

I love the variation of exercise; each session is well organised and timed to the minute to get the most out of an hour. There’s no chance to get bored or feel like you’re not getting the benefit because of repetition. You can work at your own pace mostly, striving to do the most you can each session. The instructors offer alternatives to make it easier if you’re struggling or tougher if you’re finding it too easy. Which makes bootcamp really flexible and suitable for everyone. The group also does fitness challenges together.

I feel stronger and fitter after just a few sessions. Especially upper body because my usual exercise is mostly leg based. It’s made me feel more confident in my body’s ability and it’s made me more comfortable interacting with other people. Both things I sometimes struggle with. Boot Camp is a great way to meet like-minded people, push yourself to get fit and have fun. I’d recommend it to anyone, whatever level of fitness you’re at.


Luke enjoys exercising outside in the fresh air in a different environment to a gym as it creates a completely different feel to the sessions. Not being in a gym with other people, using machines makes it a more relaxing environment and completing exercise in all weathers, in different locations, making the best out of the different areas around feels a lot more rewarding.

Luke wants to maintain the fitness he has built up by attending regularly, but he has also built up many relations between people from this group. This is a reason for Luke regularly attending as he wants to see people from the same boot camp sessions as he has made loads of new friends and really enjoys the social aspect of the sessions. On top of the sociable aspect of the sessions, he still manages to push himself as hard as he wants.


Alison was someone who wasn’t as active as she wanted to be before joining UK Outdoor fitness, so one of her reasons for joining was she just wanted to become more active and become fitter and healthier but didn’t want to join a gym or go into that sort of environment. The reason for this is because her feelings towards the gym, along with many others, that the gym can be an intimidating and uncomfortable place to exercise as there is often a feeling that you are being watched/judged.

Alison found out about UK Outdoor fitness online, visited the website and saw where her closest boot camp was being held. This meant that she was able to attend the sessions in Harrogate as this was a driveable distance for her.

Everyone who attends Harrogate bootcamps are friendly, and the sessions are varied and suited to people of all different finesses and ages so that people aren’t left out and can work at their own pace. Alison had also seen some of the words associated with the UK Outdoor Fitness, for example ‘boot camp’, and she was slightly intimidating and could see why these words are intimidating to other people. However, after attending these sessions she now knows and says to others that these sessions aren’t anything to be scared of and are something that can be attended by anyone.

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