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Roundhay Park

Princes Ave Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom


Main car park nearest Roundhay Fox on Street Lane/ Princes Avenue

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Roundhay Boot Camp 09.30


April 16, 2021 09:30

Princes Ave Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom

ROUNDHAY BOOT CAMP ON FRIDAY Roundhay Bootcamp day time session:Classes: Fridays 09.30am with Jon Roundhay Classes are a perfect if you have the school run, work evening or shifts. Set in an amazing park in North Leeds. Sessions here are varied and perfect way to start the morning and get your workout finished to enjoy the rest of the dayMEETING POINTMain car park nearest Roundhay FoxTram Park - Address: Princes Ave, Roundhay,...
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I have now lost about 22lbs since January 2011 and 17lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it\’s now September

- Phillipa Clark, Leeds

When I first started Bootcamp people I know used to comment, “You\’re Brave!” I\’ve found since joining 2 months ago it\’s not as scary as people make out I have began a new way of living and it\’s good to see that it\’s paying off by becoming fitter each week and seeing the lbs go the right way on the scales-downwards!! I have been to a number of sessions across available and each session has been fun and never the same as the last. All the instructors are encouraging and people within the group are positive too. It\’s good to know someone will encourage you to press that little bit further than before because they know you can do it, even when you think you can\’t

- Charlotte English, Leeds