About uk outdoor fitness bootcamps 

(Leeds Bootcamp, Bradford Bootcamp & York Bootcamp)

“Get Fit , Have Fun & Be Social”

The UK Outdoor Fitness group is one of the top British boot camp and outdoor fitness providers in the UK (UKOF) It is fresh and friendly company that provides high quality boot camp classes outdoors locations. We focus on helping you gain the results you deserve whilst making your exercise fun & enjoyable, with a huge camaraderie and community feeling (Community has become one of the most important factors since covid-19 happened)

We are Non Military Fitness (Military Fitness style) Bootcamp and Outdoor Fitness company fully licensed by Councils (Leeds City Council, York Council). This means you can rest assured that our instructors are suitably qualified,  fully insured & have met the health & safety criteria required to be licensed. 

We are a Trailblazer when it comes to non military outdoor group fitness classes in Yorkshire with a key focus on community, fun and helping you reach your full potential with health and well-being. 

Our Instructors are all highly qualified & motivating. They will push you to work hard but not to the point where you won’t look forward to your next session.

We believe everybody should & can exercise, so we deliver sessions that are suitable for all levels and tailored to all abilities. Our instructors will give you different options so you never feel uncomfortable but help and encourage all the way.  If you are new to exercise you will not be asked to do anything you can’t do, and for you exercise enthusiasts you will always be challenged & pushed to pushed to your ability. 

We provide the knowledge, help, motivation & enthusiasm to all our sessions. All you need to do is bring yourself, and the belief you can achieve, to our sessions.

Please see for yourself and check out our UKOF you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ukoutdoorfitness?feature=mhee

Over the last 10 years UK Outdoor Fitness has specialised in taking large teams to Mud, adventure and Obstacle race courses (ORC). These including Spartan Race, Total Warrior, Yorkshire Warrior and the Yorkshire Mud Run. Our classes whether you are wanting to compete a race or compete at a higher level, help you get in shape to tackle these popular races 


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- Dave Sills

I joined as part of a 6 week campaign not only to get fitter but change my perception on food and exercise.  I attended both outdoor and online sessions during the 6 weeks and have noticed vast improvement.  I look forward to the classes, not only for a good workout but for the social aspect as the trainers and rest of the participants are all really friendly and welcoming.  Although no exact weight measurements, my 5km running time has improved by over 4 minutes, and I’ve lost 2 inches from my stomach.

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- Imogen Turner

I joined Paul's UK outdoor fitness class approximately 6 years ago. I had previously struggled with a yoyo weight on the scales and poor mental health. Fast forward to now I am in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in with a huge thanks to Paul and the team. They take the time to learn your strengths and work on your weaknesses. They are all willing to go the extra mile to reach out to help and motivate. I can thoroughly recommend every instructor and session as they are well thought out and fly by