4 Week Transformation Course 2023

Welcome to UK Outdoor Fitness's 4 week Transformation Course 2023 


The aim of this 4  course is to help you to become a healthier better you, where you make better choices with your health and lifestyle in the longer term! We want you to feel better, have more energy, sleep better, tone up and lose body fat. (You may lose weight as a result if this is a goal) The course starts Monday 9th January 2023 with a prep week before preparing you to start. 

(We have both Outdoor, Online classes or both on offer instructor led) 

Please see here a summary of the course content 

  1. Outdoor Timetable (Leeds, Bradford and York) >  Outdoor Timetable
  2. Virtual Timetable world wide >  Virtual Classes (35 plus classes) 


Nutritional Coaching (Lead: Julie -  Trainer, Nutrition and Life coach)

  • Meal planning | Recipes | Nutritional  mindset | Myth busting 

Well Being (Lead Rachel - Trainer, Mental Health & Well Being) 

  • Group talks via zoom via zoom each week (Q & A) | Women's month health check | Male health | Group online coaching and support | Weekly check in 

Fitness (Leeds Paul, Trainer, Run Coach and Motivator) 

  • Fitness classes | Tasks | Run Coaching | Challenges

Group talks (Q &A) times will be give for the course and also recored if for any reason you cannot attend
Each week you will be asked to update your progress so we can help you 
We are encouraging you at the start to take pictures, (Side, front and back) at the start of the course, middle and end.
Also, if you can take your weight and measure (Waist, chest, hips etc)
The more you interaction, action and try the better results you will see 

Prices: £129.00 (£139.00 after 4th January) 

  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Outdoor classes, Spport Group &  Course £99.00 (Includes 3 set online classes)
  • 4 Week Unlimited Virtual classes, Support Group and Course £99.00
  • Hybrid (Outdoors, Virtual, Support Group and Course £109.00)
  • Existing UK Outdoor Fitness Member Discount £49.00

Any questions please email info@ukoutdoorfitness.com

Looking to just try our classes with out the course 

Please fill in the form below. If you would prefer just to try the outdoor classes or online classes please let yes know and we can help you with this 

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