Exercising in Hot Weather

When training in hot weather please make sure you train smart and safe! 

Here are a few tips for training when the weather is hotter: 
Stop and hydrate

Hydrate as and when you need to and take plenty on water in. Good hydration is so important. If you can take fluids in before you get too thirsty even better. 

Add a tiny amount pure himalayan rock salt to water. (During or after.)

Wear sun tan lotion 

Make sure you use a high factor sun lotion before training with a high SPF and UVA. (Preferably a sports one that works better with sweat)

Wear light colour's and thin clothing. (Dress to sweat.)

Looks at sport clothing that react well with sweat, lose and also not too dark 

Slow down (If you are not used to the heat do not over do it.) 

Heat will may effect your performance, and your body temperature may rise quicker. This is perfectly normally. Everyone reacts differently to heat so make sure you train smart and take in lots of water. If you feel dizzy or faint stop straight away and if this continues seek medical advice 

Use the shade if you can

Use the shade where possible. If there are areas of shade this can make the workout much less intense and prevent you overheating 

Wear a cap/ hat and sun glasses 

Protecting your eyes and head can really help prevention in over heating aswell protecting your eyes being effected long term from the suns rays. You can find great sun glasses made specifically for exercise and running 

Time to train

Unless you are training for specific events, climates try avoid the hottest times of the day to train

Finally do not be a hero. If you are not used to training in hot weather/ hotter climates this can really effect your performance, stop hydrate and listen too your body