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10 Minute Circuit

Here is a quick 10 minute Circuit to try which we do at Bootcamps in Leeds with UK Outdoor Fitness

 Time (Minutes & Seconds) / Level of Intensity Easier / Harder

  1. 1 min Squats / Jumping Squat
  2. 1 min Lunge / Jumping Lunges
  3. 1 min Jumping Jack / Super Jumping Jack*
  4. 1 min Stepping Quad Burner / Jumping Quad Burner*
  5. 1 min Half Squat Hold / Full Squat Hold
  6. 1 min Plank / Plank Builder
  7. 1 min Sit up / Sit up and Twist
  8. 1 min Leg Drops (Double Legs
  9. 1 min Reverse Crunch
  10. 1 min Press up Plank / Raise legs Alternate in air

Continuous no resting (Try once or twice in a row) Shorten the circuit by making all the exercises 30 seconds

*Jumping Jack (Hard version) easier version don’t jump in the air

*Quad Burner Ski Squat (Knee close squat stepping into wide squat) Hard version Jumping in too these positions or even add a bench

Quad burner with Step/ bench (Hard option)


So why Circuit train?

Circuit is training is just one form of Interval Training which is proven to be one of the best forms of increasing your fitness, losing weight and lowering your blood pressure and heart rate if you need to do so. Circuit Training Can also improve strength, Stamina, speed and overall body conditioning. Our 10 minute circuit can really push your body to levels which will help you move into different intensities with short bursts of exercise. These types of circuit can be repeated as many times as you like and adapted to your fitness levels from 30 second to 90 seconds per exercise

Testing Heart Rate

A healthy suggested resting heart rate is 60-80 (60-100 NHS 2014) and under 60 deemed as excellent. The more your exercise and eat health the better this will be

Good links on Blood pressure and Resting Heart Rate