6 Week Healthy & Fitness Body Transformation Course

Welcome to UK Outdoor Fitness's Body Transformation Course 2022 

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This is 6 weeks of emailed tasks with group fitness classes to attend (Outdoor or Online or both which are instructor led) Throughout the course there will be support for you; well-being tasks (New this year to help with mental health) motivation, nutritional ideas, and extra workouts. The goal is for you to have a better routine longer term so you see long term health benefits (Not just a quick yo-yo fix or extreme weight loss course where you just put the weight back on)  You participate and try complete the tasks in your own time alongside the support group where you will all help each other with ideas and motivation! There will be highly motivated trainers in the group to help with sharing content, giving you extra challenges, ideas, support and guiding you in the right direction! 

The aim of this course is to help you to become a healthier better you, where you make better choices with your health and lifestyle in the longer term! We want you to feel better, have more energy, sleep better, tone up and lose body fat.

We are encouraging you at the start to take pictures, (Side, front and back) at the start of the course, middle and end. Also, if you can take your weight and measure (Waist, chest, hips etc)

The more tasks and classes you do successfully the better results you should see!


  • 6 Weeks Outdoors, Support Group &  Course £60
  • 6 Week Virtual, Support Group and Course £60
  • Hybrid (Outdoors, Virtual, Support Group and Course £85
  • Outdoors or Indoors - Normal Free Trial (7 Days free) no course (Prices after  for outdoors  www.ukoutdoorfitness.com/prices - Please email for virtual prices)  

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- Claire Brimblecombe

I have been a member of bootcamp for 4 years regularly attending classes each week. These classes have made a difference to both my physical and mental health. I have seen a difference to my fitness levels and have dropped a dress size. I have entered 10k and mud races with UK Outdoor Fitness something I would never have dreamt of before. The best thing for me however, about bootcamp is the people and the encouragement you receive. I have met people who have become good friends and have looked out for each other during this difficult lockdown period. I am impressed with how adaptable  UK Outdoor Fitness have been during Covid. I am grateful for the online classes but look forward to returning to coffee corner soon.

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- Phillipa Clark, Leeds, Member since 2011

I have now lost about 22 lbs since January 2011 and 17 lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it’s now September! Update in 2022 its 10 years later I am still a member