Crime Prevention and Vehicle Safety

Protecting against vehicle and helping crime prevention! 

Written: Paul Smith – UK Outdoor Fitness Director.

We are coming to that time of year where unfortunately so call "opportunist and thieves" prey on good people. Even though we shouldn't have too we need to be more vigilant than ever. 

Over the years I have personally been broken in to; house, car and even bootcamp van stolen. 

Last week (September 2022) The street where I lived had a suspicious car crawling up and down It looking into every drive. They were confronted and said that they were looking for "scrap cars"!!!! A few minutes later they were seen trying to get into cars. Luckily the car was reported and the police were round to collect more details. This was in the day time 

Safety at Bootcamp: We are asking everyone to be so careful with what they have in their cars. If you ride a bike to the session make sure you have a good padlock. 

Together we can to help in prevention of vehicle crime happening to you.

Unfortunate facts: Upto and Over the festive period crime rate massively rises and most vehicle crimes only take 10 seconds to happen! The Express in 2020 suggested that car crime goes up by 35% around the festive and New Years period. With the current climate we now need to be more vigilant than ever 

Please be advised that over winter and in general when coming to our bootcamp classes please make sure you leave any valuables at home. If you do have phones, purses or valuables please give them to the instructor who will put them in a secure bag.

Unfortunately no where is safe; car parks, outside your house, or even at the supermarket.

If you do leave personal possessions in your vehicle for your own safety please make sure that they are not on show.

Unfortunately we are in a society where thieves will look for “easy pickings”. Something on show will swiftly be broken into. (Yes its a horrible to think this would happen but it will)

Here are a few helps links with advice from polices forces around the UK.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Double check you have loked your car
  • Park Responsibly
  • Do not leave valuables in the boot
  • Make sure windows and sun roofs are closed
  • Look at tamper proof numbers plates

Please remove from your car:

  • Sat Nav
  • Christmas presents
  • Cash
  • Valuables
  • Mobile Phones
  • Keys

Do not have anything on show and if you glove box is empty show it is empty to avoid break-ins

Please avoid the below picture and check out the  West Yorkshire Police for advice on vehicle and crime prevention.

Vehicle Crime Prevention. Please avoid leaving valuables on show in your car!!!


Crime prevention tips from and checklists from police forces around the UK:

Car Crime Prevention Tips: Link >  Car Security
Deterring Car Thefts Tips BBC: Link >  Deter Car Theft
West Yorkshire Police Advice: Link > Police Advice
North Yorkshire Police Advice: Link > Police Advice 

If you have any questions please contact your local police station. Please share this blog with your friends, colleagues and family to avoid break in and fight back against crime.

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October 03, 2022


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- Danny and Louise Barnes

We have been members of UK Outdoor Fitness since June 2019 and joined when we saw a group of individuals enjoying a bootcamp session on the moor at Drighlington. Since then bootcamps have become a big part of our lives as we attend three times a week. Paul runs an amazing team of trainers and keeps motivation levels high. Even during lockdowns, he continues to offer online sessions and keeps in regular contact with members.  We know we can rely on Paul and his team to be there for support when needed. Our bootcamps mean a lot to us, such a great group of people.

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- Claire Brimblecombe

I have been a member of bootcamp for 4 years regularly attending classes each week. These classes have made a difference to both my physical and mental health. I have seen a difference to my fitness levels and have dropped a dress size. I have entered 10k and mud races with UK Outdoor Fitness something I would never have dreamt of before. The best thing for me however, about bootcamp is the people and the encouragement you receive. I have met people who have become good friends and have looked out for each other during this difficult lockdown period. I am impressed with how adaptable  UK Outdoor Fitness have been during Covid. I am grateful for the online classes but look forward to returning to coffee corner soon.