Getting Married?

Getting Married in 2017/18

So when are you bride or groom getting married?

Do you want to be in shape for your Wedding……

Having married last year in 2017 I thought it only right to write this blog.

Our Wedding Day, 12th November 2016 at the Woodlands hotel


  • Are you getting married in 2017/ 2018? Bride to be?
  • Are you a going to a wedding, maid or honour or bridesmaid?
  • Do you want to fit in that dress?
  • Would you like that suit to fit perfect in all areas ready for the big day

If you have answered yes to any of the questions we are here to help

UK Outdoor Fitness, myself and its staff have many years of experience in getting brides to be, grooms and bridesmaids in shape for that all important day


First of all congratulations. We know that this is most likely going to be one of the most in days in your life and that all the cameras will be on you, your dress and the pictures will stay with you for the rest of your life. You have your all important dress fitting and this is the one day you want everything to fit into place. From past experience of training many “brides to be” as well as getting married myself later this year this is one of the most important times of your life. The simple fact is you have to look and feel right in the dress and there is no other option to do so!

This is your day but you are on show and most likely everyone in your friendship network will see. Facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest and many more channels

With this in mind it now time for you to start your campaign with Mission “I look amazing” not that you don’t already

So what should do you hints and tips


So when should you start exercising?…. Now! Do not leave this to the last minute, two weeks before or even 6 weeks before. When you know you are getting married you need to start. Once you  are in a routine  you can then use the last 6 weeks to tune up, tone up and lower the stress levels which you may or may not have put your other half through. They signed up to this so if they are able to cope withe inner and outer “Bridzilla they are keepers”

How many times should you exercise a week? Once is better than none, twice is better then once and three times is better then twice – you get the picture. Remember what ever you were not doing before its time to do more. You can start off lightly and the more time you have this will alllow you to progress at a steady pace. We get a lot of brides to be starting boot-camp 12 to 18 months in advance. Coming one, twice upto 4/5 times a week.

What should sort of exercise should you be doing?

I am obviously bias and would suggest Bootcamp and outdoor fitness classes every day of the week but you have to make sure what works well for you and fits into your bus lifestyle. Have a look at the following

  • Bootcamp and Outdoor Fitness classes, boxing bootcamp (Good for the arms)
  • Gym and gym classes
  • Boxing/ Boxercise
  • Walking (Great fat burner)
  • Running (Great but if you have dodgy knees and ankles something you should do moderately and mix with other circuit style classes
  • Team sports – Netball, Rounders (Example Ossett Rounders club have a great ladies team who incorporate fitness and fun at the same time)

What should do you do on top? Added extra

  • Add weights – These help tone and define you body
  • Pilates – Great for you posture and them all important pictures –
  • Yoga and Thai Chi – Great for stress relief, increased toning and flexibility and overall health and well being
  • Stretch – Great for overall health and well being, and posture. This will also help you avoid injuries before you big day

How to motivate yourself on top of your wedding

  • Pictures
  • Countdown with a plan
  • Your friends and family
  • Notes on walls fridges and reminders on your phone
  • Book your honeymoon sooner rather than later.
  • BHAG – Tell everyone your goals for your wedding and Honeymoon

Diet – Coming soon

Skin – Coming soon

Stress levels – Coming soon

Bridesmaid Help – Coming soon

Hen Parties

Do you love fitness? UK Outdoor Fitness specialise in fun activities and Bootcamp hen parties which have become popular over the last few years. We can tailor to the brides needs and make it as much fun as possible. Muddier the better.

30 day challenge before the wedding  

We have plenty of 30 days work out that can help you get to that final stage so you look perfect in your dress. “Thinks arms and back” email

More Motivation Tips – Coming soon and I will continue to update over the next few months 


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- Andrea Hinnells

I joined UK Fitness nearly a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed every single class both outdoors and the online classes during lockdown .  All the trainers are fantastic and even though they push you it’s always with a smile and plenty of banter.  The classes cater for all abilities and ages with help and alternative exercises when you need it.  Paul is the most positive person I have ever met  & through these difficult times has kept everyone motivated with his  upbeat attitude  offering advice and support to us all .  The online zoom classes have been an absolute lifeline to keep us all positive, fit and well. I am loving my fitness journey with UK Outdoor Fitness and can’t recommend them highly enough

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- Charlotte English, Leeds

When I first started Bootcamp people I know used to comment, “You’re Brave!” I’ve found since joining 2 months ago it’s not as scary as people make out I have began a new way of living and it\’s good to see that it’s paying off by becoming fitter each week and seeing the lbs go the right way on the scales-downwards!! I have been to a number of sessions across available and each session has been fun and never the same as the last. All the instructors are encouraging and people within the group are positive too. It’s good to know someone will encourage you to press that little bit further than before because they know you can do it, even when you think you can't