Home Fitness Challenge – 50 too 2

Home Fitness Challenge – 50 Challenge

If not you have not got time to get to one of our classes so please find one of our session works out you can practice at home and use as a home fitness challenge when ever and where ever you like. This is a full body work out and can take 30-60 minutes. You can make this easier or harder asa you wish.


  • The aim of the work out is to drop down by two reps each exercise.
  • Continue straight on to each exercise rest after each set.
  • Have water on hand.
  • Wear Appropriate sports wear.

Warm up – 5 – 10 Minutes

Make sure you are nice and warm and fully mobilise you body.

Main work out –

  1. 50 Squats
  2. 48 Mountain Climbers each leg
  3. 46 High Knees
  4. 44 Lunges (22 or 44 each leg – Choose your option)
  5. 42 Jack Jumps
  6. 40 Second Plank
  7. 38 Sit Ups
  8. 36 Leg Raise
  9. 34 Second Press Up Position Plank
  10. 32 Ice Skaters See Exercise (32 each leg)
  11. 30 Second Squat Hold
  12. 28 Reverse Crunch
  13. 26 Plank Builders (Up and Down can be one or 2)
  14. 24 Burpees
  15. 22 Bridge Raise
  16. 20 Squat Thrusts
  17. 18 Dips
  18. 16 Single Leg Drops each leg
  19. 14 Press Ups
  20. 12 Walk Outs 
  21. 10 Sprint (There and back is 1 or 2)
  22. 8 Jump Squats or Quad Burners
  23. 6 Knee Tucks
  24. 4 Super Slow Squats
  25. 2 side plank each way (30 Seconds to 1 minute)

You can try the hard or easier option.

To make even hard repeat all exercise 30 second to 1 minute each afterwards

Cool Down – Lower your pulse

Stretch – 5 – 10 Minutes

Any questions or if you would like to try our classes in person please email paul@ukoutdoorfitness.com or Contact us 

Please note you try this work out at your own risk and if you feel unwell at any point please stop.


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- Andrea Hinnells

I joined UK Fitness nearly a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed every single class both outdoors and the online classes during lockdown .  All the trainers are fantastic and even though they push you it’s always with a smile and plenty of banter.  The classes cater for all abilities and ages with help and alternative exercises when you need it.  Paul is the most positive person I have ever met  & through these difficult times has kept everyone motivated with his  upbeat attitude  offering advice and support to us all .  The online zoom classes have been an absolute lifeline to keep us all positive, fit and well. I am loving my fitness journey with UK Outdoor Fitness and can’t recommend them highly enough

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- Claire Brimblecombe

I have been a member of bootcamp for 4 years regularly attending classes each week. These classes have made a difference to both my physical and mental health. I have seen a difference to my fitness levels and have dropped a dress size. I have entered 10k and mud races with UK Outdoor Fitness something I would never have dreamt of before. The best thing for me however, about bootcamp is the people and the encouragement you receive. I have met people who have become good friends and have looked out for each other during this difficult lockdown period. I am impressed with how adaptable  UK Outdoor Fitness have been during Covid. I am grateful for the online classes but look forward to returning to coffee corner soon.