National Lockdown January 2021

National Lockdown January 2021

First of all Happy New Year 2021! I hope you are OK, well and safe.
Well what I can say? Here we are again. Hopefully this is the last time we have to do this. I will try to respond to any queries as quickly as I can. 
Again, I want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to ensure that we continue UK Outdoor Fitness in the long-term, and will look out for every member where we can.  


Following the government directive to put the UK into a Full National Lockdown to help stop the transmission of COVID-19 and New Variant we are legally unable and also not insured to continue outdoor group classes. UK Outdoor Fitness will from today 5th of January, postpone all outdoor classes and revert back to our full online timetable.


What will happen to your membership?

As a local and small business, we would appreciate your support during this challenging time and would like to ask you to keep your membership in place to enable the continuation of the classes. Please use our online class timetable where you will find over 30 classes each week, giving you lots of variance to your fitness routine. We are already adding your instructors for "Lockdown extra" classes in which we will try area specific classes where possible.

All UK members have access to all the classes that have a double Lock & Key 🔐🔐 next to them. There are more Lockdown Temp Classes being added over the next 24 hours. I am just liaising with instructors to sort this! There will be over 30 sessions to choose from, 7 days a week morning noon and night. 

Any class with a 🖥🔩 **Limited Access** is for virtual community members and UKOF Bolt Memberships 

If you would like to try our online timetable please email 

Have kids? Get them to join in - What ever age - Always fun to see :) 

Please book on via the bookwhen site for all classes to get zoom codes and login 

As part of your membership, we are here to guide you and send workouts to you on request, setting programmes and session plans to keep you going.Whatever it takes, we will try to do our best for you. 


6 Week Online Habits and Body Rest Course 

As a back up for this scenario I have been re-writing the successful 6 Week Body Health, Habits and Transformation course we did a few years ago! 

What is this? This is 6 weeks of weekly tasks, help and support with your daily health, diets and fitness habits to kickstart and help reset your body. If there is enough interest I can get this started ASAP and completely free for all members in the lockdown (This isn't an intentional weight loss course or a nutrition course with meal plan - This is about you making choice and changing your lifestyle longer term) Please let me know your interest ASAP 

What is UK Indoor Fitness 

UK Indoor Fitness -  Virtual Community “Train Apart Move Forward Together” 

Over lockdown and since July 2020 we have continued to grow the online group classes and maintained this service as a contingency in case we were moved back into lockdown status. This has been put in place to make sure that the company and the bootcamps continue in the long term. In Lockdown 1.0 & 2.0 the online sessions were very successful in helping people get through this horrible time, in terms of Fitness, Health, and Mental Health. It is through my engagement with you over the past few months that I have come to realise the true value of exercise for the positive benefits of mental health.  
The classes  will give you the flexibility to dip in and out whenever and wherever you please. It will also give you the benefit of still being part of our fantastic wider bootcamp and fitness community.

We are also going to re-introduce catch-ups  or 'coffee club' after sessions, which will be led by members. These really helped with keeping all of our members engaged through the first lockdown, and reinforced our visions to 'train apart, move forward together'. The social aspect really helped our members to feel that we're all in this together. Now more than ever we need a supportive community who share the same mindset.

Spacewise and equipment 

Space wise you will need as little as two mats, and equipment wise, bring it to the session and we will encourage you to use it. If your wi-fi reaches out to your garden, embrace the chance to venture outside!  If you have equipment we will add these into the classes and also recommended to look out for resistance bands but you can be creative and use many things around the house as equipment (Microwave, Bricks, logs and many other things we see being use) 


Memberships 2021

We do understand that you may too have been impacted by COVID-19 again and should you wish to freeze / freeze in advance your membership whilst we are not outdoors, please let us know. There will be no fee with this and we will discuss each membership with you personally as dates vary. 

Again, thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time. Keep safe and well I will see some of you before Thursday. 

If you are on 10 sessions / and would like to access the online classes please let me know as we do have online membership available any questions please email


UK Indoor Fitness – Virtual Community – Down load Zoom and join the Online Community 

Specific FB Group please join >

 “Train Apart Move Forward Together” 



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- Adrian, York

I can’t recommend UK Outdoor Fitness enough! It’s been a big part of my life over the past few years, both for fitness (…. you should see my glutes now) and the social side. For me, being outside is really important and it’s been a great opportunity to break up the monotony of the gym! I’ve also met some lovely folk with Paul and the team providing a supportive and social environment that allows you to push yourself and get the best out of your time and training. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending joining! Enjoy!!

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- Julie Peers, Founding Member

I have been a UK outdoor fitness member for over 10 years!  Love the variety of instructors and locations, it never gets boring.  Paul did a fantastic job of moving online when COVID hit, the sessions have really helped to keep me sane during lockdowns.  Here’s to the next 10 years!