Outdoor Fitness in the winter

Are you ready for the Winter Part 2?  - Fitness Gear to Survive the Winter 

Please note this is a working updating blog so only in draft stage - Not finished, edited or proof checked. I am mildly dyslexic so some of the below may not make sense yet :) 

Please note these are all suggestions - We understand every person has their own person preference on what they like to wear, thickness, style and how their body adapts to certain items of clothing. (IE: Performance wise, over heating and comfortability; Waterproof vs breathing in clothes and trainers) 

Head Torch and Hats with lights 

Hats with lights ideas and deals we have found 


Head Torches ideas 
Energizer Vision Ultra LED Headlight | 450 Lumens | Batteries Included https://www.batterystation.co.uk/energizer-vision-ultra-led-headlight-450-lumens-batteries-included/ 

Look at Petzl,  try get a head torch that points downwards to avoid lights going in other members eyes as well as helping you see the ground when running exercising

Other Head Torch ideas RS Website https://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?pn=1&r=t&searchTerm=head%20torches%20&sortBy=price&sortOrder=asc&sra=oss

Running Bag / Fitness Belt for your belonging

We are now encouraging you to keep your own keys/ valuables on yourself when training to avoid the potential spread of covid. 

Below are a few suggestions you could like at:

Build & Fitness Running Belt

Eono Running Belt (My Preferred choice for bootcamp, light weight and does not move about) I used for Spartan Beast! Great to hold keys/ small items (Great for bootcamp) 


Thermal base-layers in the winter can really help keep you warm in the winter, can help with absorbing sweat and be a great asset if you go walking in colder area / high mountains. 

Performance Base-layers can aid with muscle movement and recovery (But less about warmth for the winter) They can absorb sweat, help with windy nights and provide an extra layer without you feeling too heavy, with extra clothing on. Personally in moderate to cold weather I warm up fast when exercising so go for Performance base layer. 2XU's and SKINS are my preferred choices 

Other ideas: 

Mens Trespass Mens Timo Long Sleeve Active Top Medium thickness base layer which is also good for running and wearing in classes  (Good with sweat - This is my go too for colder wether and performance) 

Women's Dare 2b Womens In The Zone Wicking Quick Dry Base layer

Women's / Mens Campra Thermal Base Layers from Sports Direct (Male / Female) Good Value



  • Gloves Water Resistance, Thermal, multipurpose use with good grips for using equipment 
  • Cevapro Thermal Gloves - for Cycling Touch Screen Gloves Anti-slip Winter Gloves Running Warm Gloves for Women Men Driving Walking Dog Biking Sport Outdoor
  • ROCKBROS Cycling Gloves - Mountain Road Bike Gloves with Anti-slip Shock-absorbing Pad Fleece Thermal Full Finger Windproof Bike Gloves Adjustable Water Repellent Gloves for for Men Women
  • Mountain Warehouse Selection (Varied Light weight - to thicker waterproof) 
  • KEECOW Mens Winter Gloves Waterproof, Warm Anti-slip Waterproof Touch Screen for Sport Running Driving Hiking Cycling
  • Unisex Touchsceen Fleece Insulated Gloves -Thermal Windproof Snowproof Warm Gloves Winter Sports Ski Snowboard (Good Value) 

Thinner Outdoors / Running (Not as water proof but good in cold dryer weather or for running) 

Waterproofs/ Wind Jackets and Hi-Vis 

Waterproof and windproof jackets are generally a personal choice! Some people like long sleeve and some prefer a Gillet style with no sleeves! A good lightweight waterproof will be good in the winter month. Remember if you get a full taped seam waterproof they can sweat a lot but will keep you drier from the rain! Below are some ideas but check out the sites at the bottom of the blog to do browse  


KIPRUN LIGHT MEN'S RUNNING JACKET  Lightweight for cold"ish" night, Keeps the main body warm but good if you overheat (not hi-viz) Personally tested - Good for running and bootcamp 

MEN’S CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING SLEEVELESS - Good for the colder nights but good for movement and burpees! 

Long Sleeve: 

Waterproofs have many different value ranges - Somes brands to look at are: Montane, Rab, Raidlight, Trespass, Dare2b, & Higher state. Make sure you look at the thickness and how you adapt when training so you do not over heat. 

Hi-Viz tops and jackets > https://btrsports.co.uk/ Great Value and highly recommended. I use these a lot 


Over the winter you may want to bring a mat to the session or if we use a harder surface to train on this will protect your back and hands when doing floor and core exercise. 

See a few suggestions you might want to look at: 


We have UK Outdoor Fitness Hoodies; If you sign up as a monthly member we will give you one; whist stocks last 


Throughout the winter we advise that you have a hat / couple of hats to wear at bootcamp. We believe it better to be prepared and take layers off; than come get cold and be put off by the colder weather. You soon warm up and is a good asset to have for before and after a session if you do not like wearing one when exercising

Good Sites & Stores for Winter Gear

Trainers - See our Blog here on Trainers to help you in the winter > 



Updated as for 14th November 2022 - On-going blog 

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