Summer Body

Summer Body – 10 steps to your summer body.

Would you like a better summer body? Shape up for your holiday or just live a healthier lifestyle?

UK Outdoor Fitness have come up with 10 steps to do this:

1 – Hydration: Between 50-75% of our body consists of water making it key that we stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during the summer. Our body relies on water for a series of reasons such as cell life, chemical and metabolic reactions, transporting nutrients, regulating body temperature and removing waste from our system. We also dehydrate through exhalation and sweat. Increasing the importance of hydration during the summer period. Males should aim to drink 3 litres of water per day, 2.2 litres for women. More on hydration can be found at the link below:

Drink and Hydrate


2 – Sleep: As daylight increases so does the temperature: This can play a big part on our ability to sleep and recover both mentally and physically. Affecting how we feel and how we perform. Sleep is a key factor as is getting the right amount. It has been suggested that Adults should be getting between 7-8 hours sleep per night. Studies have shown that any less or more than this can make it harder for one to lose weight. Connections have also been made between poor sleep and obesity. Stressing the importance of a good nights sleep and sleeping pattern. More on sleep can be found at the link below:

3 – Never skip breakfast: Many people believe that skipping breakfast will result in them losing weight as a result of consuming less food. However, this is not true. When we sleep our body is still active, resulting in the food that we consume throughout the day to be broken down in order to provide the required energy. Breakfast allows for us to replenish these stores as well as fuelling our body for the days activity. Skipping it causes for our metabolism to slow, burning less calories. This can lead to weight gain. More on the importance of breakfast can be found at the link below:

4 – Get your 5 a day: We’ve heard this all of our lives and we hear it for a reason. Recent research shows that only 1 in 7 of us consumer 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day, but why? Fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Alongside a high source of fibre, key for maintaining a healthy guy and prevention of digestive issues. Also contributing greatly to a healthy and balanced diet. Whilst lowering the risk of obesity and other health problems. More on the importance of 5 a day can be found the at the link below:

5 – Ensure you’re eating enough: As the temperature increases people tend to eat less often or not as much. As mentioned before, eating less often can slow metabolism and lead to weight gain. This is not ideal when trying to slim down for summer. Despite the weather it is important to consume the adequate amount of calories that your body requires for your fitness goals. Try to eat smaller meals frequently or a liquid based snack in between meals. More on summer food ideas can be found at the link below:

6 – Alcohol consumption: With an increase in temperature social activities begin to occur in the forms of BBQ’s and trips to beer gardens. Don’t let alcohol get in the way of your summer body. Eating before you drink will make you feel fuller and can reduce the need to drink. Pacing yourself is also another way to ensure you don’t consume too much. It is easy for many to forget that alcohol contains calories, making it easier to drink just as many as they eat. Be sensible with your consumption to avoid swapping that flat stomach for a big beer belly. More on alcohol, the summer and weight gain can be found at the link below:

7 – Reduce sugar intake: Regardless of summer, fizzy drinks and those with high caffeine content are consumed. Simple steps can help to reduce your intake with options such as switching to a diet fizzy drink for instance or reducing how many teaspoons of sugar go in to your morning coffee. A high sugar intake can result in weight gain due to increased cravings and binge eating, potentially leading to more severe issues such as heart problems. More on the relationship between sugar intake and weight gain can be found at the link below:

Reducing Sugar will aid weight loss


8 – Avoid cravings, and find a healthy alternative: Finding yourself hungry in-between meals or craving something sweet? Don’t sabotage your progress by cheating yourself and eating junk. Ask yourself if you’re hungry or just dehydrated, the feeling of hunger can be mistaken as dehydration. Make sure you’re eating enough at meals. However, if you do find yourself hungry throughout the day then try some of the options on the link below:

9 – Switch your transport: Make the most of the weather this summer and swap the car for a healthier method of transport. Simply walking or biking from place to place this summer is a great and simple way to stay in shape. This increase in activity can help not only strengthen your heart but also burn off that extra ice cream. Just one hour of moderate paced walking can burn up to 400 calories. Not only will this help you stay in shape but it’s also a great way to save money and help the environment. More information can be found at the link below:

10 – Set goals and track your progress: With the nice weather people can find it easy to lose focus. Spending more time relaxing in the garden or at the beach and neglecting exercise. This could lead to putting on the weight which they worked so hard to lose. The use of goal setting can help motivate you and keep focused during the hot weather. More information can be found at the link below:



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- Charlotte English, Leeds

When I first started Bootcamp people I know used to comment, “You’re Brave!” I’ve found since joining 2 months ago it’s not as scary as people make out I have began a new way of living and it\’s good to see that it’s paying off by becoming fitter each week and seeing the lbs go the right way on the scales-downwards!! I have been to a number of sessions across available and each session has been fun and never the same as the last. All the instructors are encouraging and people within the group are positive too. It’s good to know someone will encourage you to press that little bit further than before because they know you can do it, even when you think you can't

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- Phillipa Clark, Leeds, Member since 2011

I have now lost about 22 lbs since January 2011 and 17 lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it’s now September! Update in 2022 its 10 years later I am still a member