Total Warrior Workout Plan

Total Warrior Workout Plan

Total Warrior “Beginner and Advanced” March Edition

Uk Outdoor Fitness have ran and entered team in Total Warrior over the last 4 years. We have taken teams of over 100. We have won the team event 3 times out 4 and help many members and participants complete the races which has been a huge goal in itself.  Whether you are a beginner or elite Athlete we believe everyone can enter this race and we train you up through our classes and support with the experience of helping 100s of runners get across the finish

Fastest Team Winnter 2014

Let us help you 

So if you are planning on running Total Warrior Please see the following March Workout Plan to get you started or improve for the race competitively

We have designed a Beginner and Advanced Workout.

Beginner Warrior/1st Time Warrior.

So  you are new to Total Warrior and Obstacle Race?

You just want to complete the race and have fun. (You will love it)  This is the perfect plan for you to start and have a go at. Try complete as many days as you can and get your motivation going. Tag this alongside your fitness classes. Where possible make harder; add weights and push yourself to your level. Remember to eat well with good nutrition, drink plenty of water, condition, stretch and look after your body.

Advanced/ Returning Warrior 

So you have ran total Warrior or want to run at a good pace and be competitive – Try complete these challenge plan alongside your classes and other training. Where possible make harder; add weights and push yourself. Remember to eat well with good nutrition, drink plenty of water, condition, stretch and look after your body.

The Workouts

Beginner Warrior/ 1st Time Warrior

Total Warrior Workout Plan - March Beginner Edition


Advanced Warrior/ Returning Warrior 

Total Warrior Workout Plan - March Advanced Edition

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Please Note you participate in this exercises at your own risk. If at any point you feel faint or unwell please stop. If this persist please consult you doctor.

Remember to warm up and cool down when participating in exercise.



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- Dave Sills

I joined as part of a 6 week campaign not only to get fitter but change my perception on food and exercise.  I attended both outdoor and online sessions during the 6 weeks and have noticed vast improvement.  I look forward to the classes, not only for a good workout but for the social aspect as the trainers and rest of the participants are all really friendly and welcoming.  Although no exact weight measurements, my 5km running time has improved by over 4 minutes, and I’ve lost 2 inches from my stomach.

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- Lynne Tyson

I've been a member of UK outdoor fitness for around 10 years and love it. It is a great community, helps me push myself harder and the laughs we have keeps me young! It is great for all ages and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes being outdoors