What are the benefits of exercising in a group outdoors?

So what are the benefits of outdoor group training? 

  • Fresh Air
  • Community
  • Social Side
  • Running Conditioning and Cross Training
  • Getting Fitter
  • Motivation
  • Weight Loss and Toning
  • Mental Health
  • What our members say

Fresh Air 

Not only is training outdoors in the fresh air good for you, it can also help to boost your vitamin D Levels! Training in the outdoors helps you to get away from closed space office environments, journeys in a car and being stuck indoors watching watch another series on Amazon prime or Netflix. Who doesn’t feel better after breathing in some fresh, greener air? 


It’s also good to be part of a positive team! Outdoor Group Fitness classes are an excellent way to meet people, make new friends and be part of a community of trainers and other members that will support you on your fitness journey. Training in a group can also help motivate you on a social level, as well as giving you the accountability to turn up and trying your best! Remember, it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are. The fact you are making the effort and being there is what counts! With continued effort, you will see great benefits in your health and fitness! Additionally, training outdoors with a like-minded community of people, you are more likely to “stick at it” and foster a positive habit.

Social Side 

Exercise can have such a positive impact on social well-being, and group exercise can improve well-being second to none! We are social creatures by nature, and it is vital to re-introduce social interaction after months in lockdown! Just being in the presence of someone outside of your household, having a laugh, catching up on the weekend, and discussing trash TV can make you feel great when paired with the benefits of exercising! Whether you get stuck in with the banter or not, you can be guaranteed to get the most out of your workout. We cater for your needs and work you to your pace from beginner levels to high performance. In addition to the outdoor classes, we look to do other social activities such as seasonal parties, meal nights, walks, challenges, races (Total Warrior / Obstacle races) that fit in with our mantra to ‘Get Fit, Have Fun & BE SOCIAL’

Running Conditioning and Cross training 

If you are a runner or like to run it is so important to cross train. Bootcamps and outdoor classes can help strengthen underused or weakened muscles from running, helping with endurance and speeds as well as aiding injury prevention. Please look out for a blog specifically on this coming soon! I have run off road ultras and marathons. I am currently training for different Age group obstacle races, off road races and 10km road races. Legs upper body and core strength are a huge part to running faster as well as improving your endurance and running longer distance.  This can also help you with running up hills more efficiently and preventing injuries. Bootcamp style classes can also help with quicker recovery as you get generally fitter. We are currently also adding more mobility and stretching into sessions which I will follow up on a further blog and the important for your general fitness and running! By June I will also hopefully be officially qualified England Athletics Level 1 running coach! So, if you need help with your running longer term ask away and watch this space 

Getting Fitter 

We all want to get fitter and healthier so training outdoors with consistency, you will see you overall fitness gets better! As you become fitter though it is our job to make sure that you continue this! We will always try and push you harder, within your limits; and sometimes out of your comfort zone, but this is where you will see results! The group itself will help push and motivate you on this with a supportive attitude and a zero-tolerance approach to anyone not being supportive! Everyone starts off somewhere and we are here to help your fitness improve, whatever your goal may be. 


If you lack motivation or sometimes slack off when training on your own, being part of a group can give you accountability as well as the motivation from our trainers who will motivate you in their own style. Motivation I would say, is one of key aspects to training in a group and community. Unlike many companies you are not just seen as a number. We thrive on attendance of our membership community, and we want to see you in class! If we are seeing you drifting, we are there to help you. Whether that is to chat through your goals, message to see how you are doing, and messages to the group, helping you find your fitness mojo!  Do you need help with your motivation? I have an open-door policy; if you need help and support with your fitness, ask away. 

Weight Loss and toning 

If weight loss is your goal, you will achieve this through consistency! The support from the team and potential changes in your diet if required, will help drop the pounds and clothes sizes, and add the notches on to your belt. Having support when the going gets tough and life gets in the away is a massive part in helping you to achieve your goal! Weight loss may not be a goal for you, so the strength and toning aspect of the classes is another vital part of becoming a member. Please note that it is not always about how much weight you use but how you look in the mirror and how your clothes feel as well as feeling healthier and better in yourself that matters the most.

Mental Health 

Fresh Air, Community, Social, weight loss, fun and getting fitter are all aspects that can give you better mental health! Or as I like to say, a better state of mind! Personally, if I have a bad day, feel stressed, or lethargic doing a workout class, training outdoors or going for run really helps with clearing the mind and producing hormones to make me feel great and energised. I am not a medical professional, but in my opinion group outdoor exercise plays a huge role in helping reducing depression and maintaining mental health and well-being


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What our members say 

"The social factor and meeting new ppl! No one is competitive and we all support each other even if you’re having a bad day Bootcamp outside just makes it all better "


"Doing an hour of exercise outside, compared to a gym is exponentially better. Fresh air rather than air conditioning, more natural surroundings which improves mood and what the week brings to you. Most importantly as it has been said earlier, being around like minded people have come away from technology, Windows and walls. Disconnecting from the norm, talking and encouraging fellow group members feels great and up lifting. Mental health is still a taboo subject for most and I definitely for one, didn't think it would affect me in anyway. After having a break from not being able to attend from injury, then all that Covid malarkey and having to socialise through Zoom.... meeting up and seeing real people was massive for me, huge relief. I felt a big weight fall from me, the relief and sense of belonging and kindness. Sorry if this is getting too soppy, but I would recommend boot camp, outdoor training to everyone!"


"I love the social aspect of bootcamp it's great to get to know new people and the banter is fun too. Also being outdoors makes such a difference."


"Nothing was more apparent after lockdown than the importance of being around people and being outdoors and how vital that is for our well-being. Indoor classes are good but there’s nothing like being outside in the fresh air under a big sky. Adds perspective I think and blows away the day’s cobwebs."


"Motivation from the other participants with just a tinge of competitiveness"


"Definitely more of a "in it together" feel compared to traditional gym class"


"This can be split into two aspects for me - the first is training as a group no matter if it is inside or outside is much better. The social side means you get to have fun and make new friends but also the competitive side of playing games and challenging yourself at your level to try harder and be better is amazing. Then the other aspect is been outside in nature - even when it’s cold or wet still been outside lifts my mood and makes me feel better - humans are not suppose to spend their lives inside - so in conclusion training as a group is better than training alone and training outside is better than inside and bootcamp offers you both of these benefits "




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- Phillipa Clark, Leeds, Member since 2011

I have now lost about 22 lbs since January 2011 and 17 lbs of that has been lost since joining in July 2011, it’s now September! Update in 2022 its 10 years later I am still a member 

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- Imogen Turner

I joined Paul's UK outdoor fitness class approximately 6 years ago. I had previously struggled with a yoyo weight on the scales and poor mental health. Fast forward to now I am in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in with a huge thanks to Paul and the team. They take the time to learn your strengths and work on your weaknesses. They are all willing to go the extra mile to reach out to help and motivate. I can thoroughly recommend every instructor and session as they are well thought out and fly by