Home work out 2

Fat burning Mini Home work out 2

Don’t have time? Have Children? Need a quick work out at home?

UK Outdoor Fitness have put together tried and test fat burning work out plans for you to try!

Home work out plan action time:

Warm up (as you would yourself normal and mobility)

  1. 10 Squat and press (Use Kettlebell or ViPR. If you do not have equipment perform normal bodyweight squats)
  2. 10 Jack Jumps or Start Jumpers
  3. 20 Sit up or Reverse crunch
  4. 10 Press Up
  5. 10 Around the halo Exercise each way*
  6. 10 Burpees

Repeat for 10 – 15 minutes non stop or if you are a beginner have a 20 to 40 second rest after each full circuit! Remember to push your self as hard as you can, its your work out

Cool down and stretch

*Around the halo exercise below. If you do not have equipment add 20 mountain climbers in

Around the Hallo Example! Can be performed with ViPRS as well



Exercises Examples and Tips

Squat and Press – Remember to have feet shoulder width a part with heals down! As you come down have you chest high and glutes pushing down aiming for 90 degrees or more when you come down! As you push up on the press engage your core and similtamilaously  push up the kettle or vipr at the same time

Mountain climbers  Reverse Crunch Options

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September 02, 2015