Home work out 3

Home work out 3

Interval training – mini home work out (Anywhere – any place)

Interval training can be named differently – Please click on the link for the meanings (Tabata/ Interval Training/ HIIT/ HITE or SIT) 

Basically interval training or Tabata is a form of training method where you training at a high intensity for a short period of time follow by a short rest and then repeated again. You can try this as a beginner picking easier exercise to a high advanced workout including plyometric and explosive variables

Here is a quick fast blast work out you can do in your own time at work

You exercise for 30 second, take 10 seconds rest and then execise for 30 seconds. You then continue in that format

You can add no rest up to 1 minute rest after each exercise change (Approximate 11 minutes upto 22 min work out)

The work out

  1. Squats (Jumping Squats) 30 seconds 10 second rest x 4 (2min 40 seconds)
  2. Sit ups (Super slow sits up) 30 second 10 second rest x 4 (2min 40 seconds)
  3. Press up (Clapping Press ups) 30 seconds 10 second rest x 4 (2min 40 seconds)
  4. Lunges (Advanced –Jumping Lunges) 30 seconds 10 second rest x 4 (2min 40 seconds)
  5. Burpees (Advanced – press up burpees with knew tuck) 30 seconds 10 second rest x 4 (2min 40 seconds)

Added bonus round

Repeat each exercise back to back with no rest for 1min to finish the workout off

Squats > Sit up > Press ups > Lunges > Burpees


Gym boss – To help your timing check you can get a Gym Boss – You will be able to find one on Google or Ebay

Interval Timer and stop watch


Let the timing begin

Interval timing


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