University of Sheffield Staff

“I loved the fact that there were varied options you could choose depending on your confidence and fitness. I never felt pressured to try and keep up if I couldn’t and I was probably the least fit person there I loved the mixture of individual and team exercises” “Trainer was very enthusiastic but didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, the differing levels of options for each exercise were important everything was simple and so no one felt left out” “Both of the trainers were very good and their sense of humour helped to encourage us through some of the more difficult exercises. Not only do I hurt a couple of days after the session but I also thoroughly enjoyed the session” “I liked the variety within the session. I particularly like the different levels of exercises which were offered to ensure that everyone in the group could participate at a level which pushed them but was also achievable” “Hard work but good fun and a great work out” “Really enjoyed the session and would definitely attend another after work session” “The session was fun and interactive whilst being very informative” “A fun way to get everybody involved. I like the idea of different levels so that as an individual you had a choice of which level to do” “Very enthusiastic. It was good to use team challenges and I like the fact everybody was involved. I felt that there was a good team mentality and that everybody enjoyed the challenges”